The protein choice
for the animal feed

  • Shipping/Export Information

    Animal Feed Supplement (Aquatic, poultry and cattle)

    HS Code 2303

    Packaging: Packed in 50kg BOPP bags.

IFB Newgen DDGS™ has great potential value to lower cost in various animal feed rations. It has various benefits.

  • Single feed raw material—broken rice; low anti-nutritional factors.
  • Phytic acid control in our IFB Newgen DDGS increases digestibility.
  • Distillery process is free from the use of sulfuric acid, which makes the product inorganic sulphur free and eliminates chances of nutritional problems in ruminant diets.

IFB Feedstar™—value added nutrients for cattle, fish and swine feed, it has various benefits

  • Fermentation contributes 3-5% dried yeast cells to Feedstar, which provides Vitamin B complex, promotes palatability and increases feed consumption.
  • The phosphorus present in Feedstar lowers the requirement of addition of di-calcium phosphate and thus reduces cost.
  • Contains 5–6% fat which is an excellent source of linoleic acid and energy.
  • Superior Feed Supplement

    The installation of a state-of-the-art low temperature fluidised bed dryer, together with PLC control, preserves all nutritional values in the final rice-based IFB Newgen DDGS™ products.

Leading edge technology

  • Asia’s first DDGS plant with unique fluidised bed drying system. Fully automated drying plant with less manual intervention.
  • Drying bed temperature is precisely controlled by PLC and always maintained below 70°C to avoid burning/denaturing of the DDGS/protein.
  • Owing to low temperature drying, the Acid Detergent Insoluble Nitrogen (ADIN) of IFB Newgen DDGS™ is always lower (0.7%) compared to that of other drying technologies, which signifies higher digestibility.
  • IFB Newgen DDGS™ always contains higher digestible protein in comparison with any other drying technology.

Soya Meal Vs IFB Newgen DDGS™

  • By-product of the soya bean oil industry

    By-product of the grain based alcohol industry, made with advanced technology

  • Exposed to high temperature 105ºC, which will result in deterioration of and other nutritional content protein

    Exposed to 70°C maximum temperature—the IFB Newgen DDGS production keeps nutritional value consistent

  • Does not contain pro-biotic nutritional factors

    Contains pro-biotic nutritional factors, created during fermentation

  • Exposed and chemical solvents such as Hexene during oil extraction

    Not exposed to harmful chemicals during processing

  • Contains anti-nutritional factors such as Trypsin

    Does not contain any major anti-nutritional factors