IFB Agro Industries Ltd has been a major exporter of premium Black Tiger Value Added Shrimp since 1996. The Company is engaged in exports to countries such as Belgium, France, Germany, Russia, Italy, UAE, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, USA, Canada and Australia, to name a few.

Our Vision

To be India's leading Company for frozen seafood products based on quality and sustainability that will be globally recognised, accepted and trusted by people. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality frozen seafood.

Sustainability Measures

The Company is deeply committed to responsible and sustainable farming practices. Our constant endeavour is to meet today's seafood requirements while protecting sea populations for tomorrow. We follow ethical business practices and our policies and supplier requirements are constantly updated to make this possible.

We have two plants—Kolkata, West Bengal and Ongole, Andhra Pradesh, India

Kolkata Plant

Specialises in proccessing farmed Black Tiger prawns, a fast-growing tropical species that is considered a delicacy the world over, apart from Vannamei. The state-of-the-art plant is presently equipped to produce 3,000 mt, per year.

Ongole Plant

Set up in 2015, in Andhra Pradesh, the 'Vannamei Belt of India'. Equipped with IQF facilities, it processes raw seafood and has an annual production capacity of 5,000 mt. It will expand to add cooking facilities for value added products.

Our Quality Policy is constantly reviewed and aligned with our business objectives
  • IFB's traceability processes are simple but thorough. This ensures that the Company's responsibilities are transparent and well-defined.
  • IFB is committed to fulfilling all legal, national and international requirements in order to ensure safety and hygiene standards of the product.
  • Our 'Quality Assurance Team' includes each and every one of our employees in order to achieve our goal of flawless quality.
  • Raw materials of the highest grade are always sourced from Aqua Farms registered with the CAA (Coastal Aquaculture Authority).


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